Ag Modeling  

Unlock your data to understand crop maturity date, nutrient status, or yield and quality 

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“From early prediction of yield to in-season understanding of crop nutrient status, there are plenty of agronomic problems in need of better solutions in the agricultural industry,” said Tyler Nigon, principal scientist, Sentera. “Spatial and temporal variability – driven mostly by soil and weather – has a major influence on agronomic outcomes, which makes for a unique challenge with every field and every growing season.” 

Sentera’s Ag Modeling Products 

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Maturity Date

Yield & Quality 

Nutrient Status

Custom Modeling Solutions

Get a Retrospective Analysis 

Gain deeper insight into the agronomic drivers of observed outcomes by using past data for a historical look back on what happened and why.  

Dig Deeper Into Crop Performance 

Get real-time predictions and forecasts as new data is collected to solve the toughest agronomic problems, from an early prediction of yield to an in-season understanding of crop nutrient status. 


Unlock the Power of Your Data 

Go further than aerial imagery with the ability to use ground-truth or proprietary data to feed the model while leveraging technology to conduct statistical analysis for you. 

Your Toughest Agronomic Problems, Solved.

Use Sentera’s Ag Modeling for deeper insights, helping to build a more productive and sustainable future.  

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