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Height & Lodging

Measure canopy height and detect areas of damaged crop canopy for plot trials

Product Performance

Measure and track plant growth

Track crop phenotype

Characterize crop phenotype

Analyze inputs

Define treatment response

locate plant damage

Identify damaged crop


Inform inputs based on height

Weed Detection Analytics

Validate and understand outcomes

Supported Crops

Our Height & Lodging Analytics give you essential insight into crop health performance, helping you make critical in-season decisions about key inputs based on identified outcomes.





Small Grain


Height & Lodging Analytics

With our Height and Lodging Analytics, get accurate insight into crop height measurements, like average, minimum, maximum, and key percentiles. For small grains, get additional insight into the percent and area of the plot that’s lodged.

Visualize data analysis in FieldAgent, or choose to export the data into a format of your choice to see exact percentage breakdowns for deeper analysis.

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