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Tassel Count

Measure season outcomes to fuel critical decisions across every acre

FieldInsights-Tassel Count
Evaluate Treatments

Get accurate, timely insights

drive crop performance

Estimate crop performance

Crop Health

Ensure seed purity standards


Inspect quality of detasseling

Validate and understand outcomes

drive crop performance

Sell more seed, faster

Supported Crops

Our Tassel Count give you essential insight into season performance to understand how the growing season aligned with your goals, whether to measure crop yield or production quality.


Male/Female Corn

Turn aerial imagery into detailed analytics.

With four variations of our Double 4K Sensor, choose the option that works best for the analytics you require.

Whether to drive conversations with growers or to measure seed production purity standards and production goals, our Tassel Count Analytics meet your unique requirements to make critical in-season decisions.

Annotated Male Female Tassel Count

Ensure Seed Production Purity 

Digitally verify purity for seed production acreage, including leveraging high-resolution imagery to inspect the quality of detasseling operations and mitigate any issues.

Track Metrics for Hybrid Seed 

Gather the data points you need for hybrid seed corn production, including those related to male/female row planting pattern across acreage.

Eliminate Data Variability
Plant Breeding

Sell More Seed, Faster

Leverage accurate end-of-season yield predictions to engage with growers, giving you a reason to engage with purpose – while focusing on selling next year’s seed earlier.

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