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Weed Detection

Identify, locate, and treat weed pressure

Canopy Cover

Pinpoint weed pressure

Analyze inputs

Evaluate herbicide efficacy

Crop Health

Identify weed species type

Tassel Count

Target application

Reduce herbicide costs

Product Performance

Improve crop performance

Supported Crops

Our Weed Detection Analytics give you essential insight into crop health, helping you make critical in-season decisions about key inputs based on identified outcomes.




Turn aerial imagery into detailed analytics.

Our Double 4K Weed Mapper is designed specifically for capturing data to pinpoint weed pressure. Featuring RGB multispectral imagery, it is ideal for plant breeding, seed production, or crop production.

Whether detecting weeds for product development or to mitigate weed pressure across acreage, our Weed Detection Analytics deliver the measurements necessary for critical in-season decisions.

FieldInsights Weeds

Pinpoint Weed Pressure

Know how specific seed traits perform with granular detail to help quantify crop emergence and uniformity, helping inform selection and product development decisions.

Drive Product Development

Evaluation herbicide efficacy with precise application. Support targeted product development by easily identifying weed species type.

Multispectral Health
weeds detection

Reduce Herbicide Costs 

Get insight into where to focus application, creating a prescription in FieldAgent and uploading to nozzle spray equipment to save up to 75% on herbicide costs.

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