Customer Background:

Ryan Hutchinson, Integrated Solutions Manager at South Country Equipment. Dealer serves multiple locations in Saskatchewan.

Ryan’s job is to seek out new technologies, validates them for his marketplace, and build a team capable of delivering the technology or service to South Country’s customers.

South Country Equipment – Needs:

  • Software platform that integrated with our hardware
  • Enable whole field data collection services that include NDVI crop health, elevation mapping, weed detection, and problem resolution imagery
  • Offer a retail experience to the segment of customers that do their own flying and data analysis
  • All of the above from one partner

Sentera Outcomes And Value:

“Sentera’s products allowed us to have integration, provide a service, and offer a retail experience as well”

“Sentera’s imagery was used to settle an insurance claim after a growers’ field sustained damage”

“One grower saved 35-40% on fungicide by using imagery to ID drought affected areas”

“Success is in the second, and third and forth time we fly the fields”