Public Safety Drones | Sentera | UAV + UAS + Sensors


Imagine a world where…


search + rescue operations fit in the trunk,


where eyes in the sky were only 3 minutes away,


and flight-qualification only took one day.

Sentera solutions make this a reality.

Sentera has over 200 years of collective military and police surveillance drone experience. We’ve learned how important stable, ultra-HD photography is to the public safety community and we’ve put this at the center of every one of our designs. Regardless of the mission, Sentera public safety drones can provide your team with the intelligence needed to make decisions and take action, day or night.

Public Safety Drones | Sentera | UAS + Sensors + Software

Police + Fire

Search + rescue (SAR) packages provided by Sentera increase the effectiveness of  operations day or night. Our systems are small, fit in the trunk and provide ultra-HD video in under 4 minutes. Sentera public safety drones make it easy to scout things like disaster areas and forest fires, and are invaluable anywhere you need information about rapidly changing situation.



Improve situational awareness and ISR missions with a rugged, dependable and simple Sentera drone package. Our advanced day/night payloads offer the highest possible resolution and speed.



Effectiveness of operations like border patrolinterdiction and evidence collection are dramatically amplified with Sentera pubic safety drones. Our super-stable high-resolution images and video offer clear pictures of what’s happening day or night.