Field Scale Male/Female Tassel Count

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Field Scale Male/Female Tassel Count provides tassel count at representative locations across a field. This product independently quantifies metrics across male and female row planting pattern. This product utilizes high-resolution RGB imagery captured at sampled locations across a field to deliver a Spot Scout layer.

Recommended Use

  • Area of Interest Variability
  • Crop Damage
  • Detasseling Inspection
  • Field Purity
  • Growth Stage
  • Plant Growth
  • Plant Population
  • Yield Potential

Compatible Sensors

  • Sentera 65R
  • Sentera Double 4K Analytics

Deliverables & Data Attributes

  • Tassel count of the image measured in tassels per acre/hectare (male and female)
  • Percent of tassels in the image that are female tassels


For specific data capture requirements, view the Product Specifications overview.