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Selecting a precision ag crop scouting solution: Use near real time data on and off the field

Introducing the Ag Industry to Near Real Time Data

When we discuss the benefits of near real-time data as it relates to agricultural applications, we are really talking about the ability of crop consultants to advise growers, of agronomists to recommend inputs, of seed dealers to analyze growth performance, and of growers to identify areas of stress — all while standing at the field’s edge and using ultra-precise crop health data that was collected only minutes earlier. Selecting a crop scouting solution that provides these benefits is imperative to ROI.

The immediacy and precision of in-field data processing, analysis and review are what makes near-real-time crop health data invaluable. Data that was once only available using network-connected software, and typically located in an office environment, can now also be leveraged in the field without a data connection.

Remote Sensing Made Easy

Commercialization of remote sensing technologies has put the option of affordable near real-time data at the fingertips of every agronomist, crop consultant, advisor, grower, researcher, seed dealer, and all other ag professionals looking to increase efficiencies. Availability of near real-time crop health data is accomplished by flying a commercially available drone fitted with a crop health sensor over a field, capturing meaningful plant data, and then reviewing the output at the field edge — within minutes of the drone landing.

Drones today are extremely easy to use. And, with fully integrated sensors and advanced software solutions, the drones fly themselves, capturing data autonomously at the exact moments required to produce complete crop health maps.

Selecting a Crop Scouting Solution to Ensure ROI

The rapidly growing remote sensing industry provides consumers multiple options to choose from. The challenge is selecting a crop scouting solution that’s complete — that considers the sensor, software, and data analytics tools that provide the best value for your needs.

Recently, Colin Snow, The Drone Analyst and CEO & Founder of Skylogic Research, published a white paper called Ensuring ROI in Precision Agriculture, which details what precision agriculture practitioners and growers should know when selecting a crop scouting solution.

We found his white paper to be a great resource that provides an overview of this season’s remote sensing landscape. Snow identifies analytics on the horizon, what to expect from a useful solution, challenges with some offerings, the importance of an integrated solution and of course the critical need for a complete near real-time, end-to-end data solution.



Written by Greg Emerick, Executive Vice President, Business Development