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Sentera Announces Launch of AgVault 2.0 Software

Agnostic Crop Health Data Management Solution: AgVault 2.0

Today, Sentera announced the launch of its AgVault 2.0 Software. The AgVault 2.0 Software comprises a desktop client and mobile app for iOS and Android that automatically sync with one another. Interfacing with any sensor or agricultural analytics tool, AgVault 2.0 allows farmers to instantly leverage crop health imagery collected with the mobile app, any UAV, satellite, or manned aircraft. The software performs independently without an internet connection, allowing growers to make data-driven crop health decisions at a field’s edge.

With AgVault 2.0, users can view high-resolution RGB, near-infrared (NIR), and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) imagery immediately after capturing data with a UAV.

“Sentera’s AgVault 2.0 Software is important to the agriculture industry because it streamlines the way growers and their advisors utilize data, providing a simple way to view layers of complex data while optimizing existing tools and resources,” said Kris Poulson, Vice President of Agriculture for Sentera.

AgVault 2.0 quickly analyzes and assembles all data into a functional field map making it easy for users to identify a problem area, quickly view plant-specific photos, and address areas of concern in real-time.

Every image and data point within AgVault 2.0 can be shared, annotated, and exported. “Sharing imagery and field data with third parties allow farmers to quickly gain valuable insight on a problem area, without the agronomist visiting the field,” remarked Poulson. “This alone saves farmers considerable time and money while helping to increase annual yields.”

AgVault 2.0 prepares and formats data for export into conventional stitching tools. The software is sensor, drone, and implement agnostic and is compatible with the most popular prescriptive data analytic tools. All imagery is saved to a secure, 256-bit AES + SSL encrypted cloud server, and, once uploaded, is available instantly anywhere in the world. Sentera’s AgVault 2.0 Software is available today with a free trial. Visit to learn more and sign up for the offer.

About Sentera

Since its inception in 2014, Sentera has raised $8.5M in capital from strategic investors and is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of software, sensors, and UAVs in the agriculture, infrastructure, and public safety industries. Sentera has more than 200 years of combined experience with sensors, software, UAVs, data management, and engineering solutions. In a single growing season, Sentera’s equipment collected 15,500,000 images and gathered 175 terabytes of data from 8,000 flights.

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