Sentera 6X Multispectral Gimbaled Sensor now includes DJI Skyport and Payload SDK Functionality

Sentera announces an expanded feature set for the 6X Multispectral Gimbaled Sensor, now with DJI Skyport and Payload SDK integration. When combined with FieldAgent®, gimbal control and 6X camera triggering is fully automated to precisely capture 5-band multispectral and high-resolution visual band images within the field boundary and utilizes the image overlap settings specified in the flight plan.

High-speed gimbal provides outstanding stability

The 6X Multispectral Sensor integrated gimbal stabilizes the imager against aircraft motion. Full gimbal control via the FieldAgent mobile app allows for fully-automated flight missions while ensuring that the image path is oriented straight down while flying faster, covering more ground, with more accuracy, allowing the ability to gather more information, while maintaining high quality tagged images.

Streamlined, targeted research data analysis

Now integrated with FieldAgent, the 6X Multispectral Sensor empowers you to take your research further by delivering science-grade multi-band and high-resolution visual band image products through a streamlined, easy-to-use data-processing workflow. Five separate optical channels can be configured with a variety of standard filtering options, or custom filtered in thousands of unique configurations. The 6X Multispectral Sensor data is compatible with preferred software analytics tools, ensuring seamless integration into existing operations.

Firmware upgrade

A complimentary firmware upgrade will be available for both new and existing customers to download and install on their 6X hardware to enable the new features. Supported platforms include the DJI Matrice 200 series drones.

More about the 6X Multispectral Sensor:

  • Plug and Play – Snap in and out, no cables, connectivity, or special brackets.
  • DJI Payload Software Development Kit (P-SDK) and DJI SKYPORT technology assure seamless software and data integration.
  • Completely configurable image pipeline.
  • 5 frames per second sustained capture rate.