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Sentera Case Studies Highlight Agronomic Value of In-Field Data

Real-time data from Sentera FieldAgent unlocks valuable insights at the field edge

Sentera partnered with customers, developing case studies that show quantifiable agronomic value to a variety of crops and operations.

These Sentera case studies illustrate how an ag implement dealer, crop scouting business, and large Midwestern grower used Sentera solutions to collect real-time data, make in-season decisions, and ultimately allowed them to realize quantifiable financial benefit and drive improvements.

Sentera case studies provide agronomic proof

Ag Implement Dealer

The usefulness of ag tech is determined by the results it generates. Sentera Double 4K sensor, a DJI drone, and FieldAgent software help Integrated Solutions Manager Ryan Hutchison drive value with customers at a John Deere dealership. In one instance, a grower saved 35-40% on fungicide by only spraying areas identified by Sentera solutions, rather than the entire field.

Crop Scouting Business

When Sentera added zone management capabilities to FieldAgent, Matthew Johnson, Founder and CEO of a crop scouting company was able to optimize his entire operation. Using a Sentera Single sensor, DJI drone, and FieldAgent software, zones were created within minutes of landing and at the field edge. In just a single day, Matthew could go from data collection to delivering agronomic insights his clients could use to write prescriptions or make other management decisions.

A Comprehensive Agronomic Solution

The Sentera FieldAgent platform includes mobile, web, cloud and desktop components and is integral to Sentera’s sensor and drone crop scouting solutions. A hybrid in-field and cloud processing model efficiently manages real-time data production for your real-world conditions. In-field analytics include weed maps, population analysis, elevation maps, zone mapping, and more. Learn more about FieldAgent.

Look out for additional Sentera case studies in the coming months.

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About Sentera

Sentera is a leading supplier of integrated remote sensing, analytics, and IoT solutions to the agriculture industry. Sentera makes it easy for users to integrate in-field real-time data with many digital ag platforms. Sentera’s equipment has flown tens of millions of acres all over the world, and the company manages terabytes of new data for its customers every year.

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