Sentera is the leading provider of real-time, in-season insights for digital agriculture, and today’s FieldAgent® Platform release enables users to leverage even more data while in the field. Now, Sentera’s Double 4K 5-band multispectral sensor users can access multiple indices without an internet connection. Critical to taking in-season action is the ability to view crop health immediately upon landing and the update offers agronomists and growers in-field insights that drive in-season action. 

Supported multispectral indices are available today and include:

  • NDVI: Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, a standardized way to measure healthy vegetation.
  • NDRE: Normalized Difference Red Edge, gives better insight into permanent or later stage crops since it’s able to measure further down into the canopy.
  • GNDVI: Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, identifies different concentration rates of chlorophyll; useful for measuring rates of photosynthesis and monitoring plant stress.
  • CIRE: Chlorophyll Index Red Edge
  • CIG: Chlorophyll Index Green
  • NDWI: Normalized Difference Water Index, helps estimate the leaf water content at canopy level.
  • TCARI / OSAVI: A vegetative index sensitive to chlorophyll and nitrogen content and resistant to variations in leaf area/soil background.
  • VARI: Visible atmospherically resistant index, identifies areas of dirt versus areas of vegetation. VARI does not provide crop health data, and should not be used to make decisions.

 For more information about FieldAgent, the latest release or any of Sentera’s products, please contact us, we’d love to continue the conversation!