Sentera FieldAgent Stand Count Analytics Expand to Include Cotton

Stand count analytics available for cotton growers in the 2020 growing season
Sentera announced that its stand count analytics product will be immediately available for cotton crops within FieldAgent.™ This extension to Sentera’s stand count tool will help cotton growers and ag professionals make informed replant decisions via a detailed, acre-by-acre view of plant population throughout the field.

More informed decisions
“Optimizing the FieldAgent stand count tool for cotton made sense because of the agronomic impact this knowledge has on the entire season of cotton growth. Knowing how many plants are in the field is the key to making accurate in season input recommendations, said Brian Grundtner, Director of Product Management at Sentera. “We want to help our customers make more accurate decisions on inputs because these decisions directly affect ROI.“

Stand count capabilities
Collecting stand count at 700 acres per hour and 97 percent accuracy, advisors and growers get the information needed to make more timely, critical decisions about replant. Whole-field coverage helps stakeholders address profit-robbing issues like non-uniform emergence, spacing, and other early-season problems.

Availability and Pricing
Stand count analysis will be available immediately to users through Sentera’s FieldAgent Platform. This advanced analytics tool is priced at $1,200 for 1-year unlimited use. Users can run the analysis on all or part of a field.

Learn more about stand count analytics, as well as other existing FieldAgent analytics from our sales team at 1-844-SENTERA (844-736-8372),, or by submitting your contact information here.

About Sentera
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