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Sentera Launches Disruptive Technology with Quad-Rotor Omni UAV

Sentera Launches Disruptive Technology: Omni UAV

Sentera, Inc. brings game-changing aerial data-capture capabilities to the industry with the revolutionary Omni™ Quad-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The Omni naturally partners with a gimbaled Sentera Double 4K Sensor, creating an easy-to-use, precise drone package for the Inspection, Survey and Mapping, and Agriculture industries.

First UAV to Provide Data Capture from Virtually Any Angle

Empowering users to collect precise data from obscure angles, an Omni + Double 4K Sensor package simultaneously captures macro and micro data and provides the user with true distortion-free imagery.

Providing valuable data to multiple industries

The Omni UAV is available in Inspection and Agriculture configurations. The Double 4K Inspection sensor features dual zoom lenses while the Double 4K Agriculture sensor simultaneously captures high-resolution color and near-infrared (NIR) data. Each complete package is offered at $16,995.

“The lightweight Omni with Double 4K Sensor on an upward-looking gimbal provides users with an unprecedented field of view and allows users to inspect difficult-to-reach areas such as the bottom of antenna connections or the underside of bridges,” said Greg Emerick, Executive Vice President of Sentera.”

A flexible solution

Weighing only eight pounds, the versatile and easy-to-fly Omni is compatible with a variety sensors — carrying each for up to 25 minutes of flight. Payload compatibility includes Sentera Double 4K, DJI Zenmuse X3, Z3, XT, and new Z30 sensors.

“We’re proud that the remarkability of the Omni UAV goes well beyond capturing data from unique angles. The data created when using this package is superior to anything else available today,” Emerick continued. “The little-to-no vibration construction of the Omni, plus the Double 4K sensor ensures distortion-free imagery is collected, which translates into users easily stitching images together with any standard stitching tool. They will never need to worry about stitching failure due to data distortion.”

The sensor makes it even better

Integral to the Omni UAV’s versatility is pairing it with the Sentera Double 4K Sensor. Featuring leading-edge data-processing technology, combined with a vibration-muting gimbal, Double 4K data is precise — assets are in the place they are supposed to be, and images are impeccably crisp. The dual zoom levels allow users to review a wide-angle field of view (FOV) and audit a structure, then instantly see 12MP of detail with the narrow-angle lens. For agriculture applications, operators simultaneously capture high-resolution color, NIR, and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data — providing growers with precise crop-health imagery.

We support all your data points — past, present and into the future

Sentera’s AgVault™ and OnTop™ Open Software Platforms manage the multitude of images and data collected during flight and allow near-real-time reading and analysis of the data, including working with other data sources via APIs. Data is easily cataloged and stored for future analysis.

Learn more about Sentera’s Omni UAV.

Sentera’s distributor, Dynamic UAV, will feature the Omni UAV at the Commercial UAV Expo taking place October 31 to November 2, 2016 in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand Hotel. Visit them at Booth #503.

About Sentera

With more than 220 years of combined experience with sensors, software, UAV, data management, and engineering solutions, Sentera is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of remote-sensing technologies in the agriculture, infrastructure, and public safety industries. Sentera’s equipment has collected more than 25,000,000 acres of images.

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  • Hamish
    Posted at 22:59h, 25 March Reply

    Is it available in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia?

    • Sentera
      Posted at 09:08h, 26 March Reply

      Hello Hamish,

      Thank you for contacting Sentera! We ship our solutions around the globe and are happy to talk with you about a precision ag system that will fit your operation. Please contact us at +1-612-204-2000 or at and we will be happy to assist you.

      Thank you!

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