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Accurate, repeatable measurements throughout key growth stages to validate key outcomes.

Research Analytics by Sentera

Delivering Insights Into

Growth Stages

Disease & Pests

Nutrient Status

Crop Stress

Plant Quality for Seed Breeding

Yield & Quality

To validate trial efficacy, you need data you can count on.

We don’t have to tell you why it’s so important to have accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurements to validate your research trials. Just know that we’re in your corner — and  we understand that it’s crucial to running effective and successful trials.

We work with you to understand your unique use case: Uncovering what questions you’re trying to answer and the role that remote sensing can play. Whether using Sentera or other industry hardware, our data science ecosystem uses aerial imagery to deliver plant-level measurements to measure performance during key growth stages, identify risks like pest or disease, and track environmental conditions.

How we process data for our analytics

Get More Precise Data

To truly evaluate trial efficacy, you need detailed data points — more than what may be captured via manual methods. Each of our analytics delivers extensive data sets for deeper insight. Take our Stand Count analytics: Compare planted seed spacing with emerged plant spacing to understand Coefficient of Variation.



Eliminate Data Variability

Remote sensing standardizes data collection with repeatable methods, and Sentera’s data science ecosystem processes aerial imagery with accuracy to generate analytics you can trust.

Plot trial
Plot Trial Canopy Cover from Sentera

Validate Outcomes with Confidence

Drawing meaningful conclusions for your research trials requires data that can answer the questions outlined in your research design. Whether focused on phenotyping, trait prediction, breeding program optimization, or any use case in between, our plant-level measurements and data sets can substantiate key growth stages to validate outcomes. 


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