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Maximize Research Trial Insights

Capture 10x more data points in 50% less time to truly understand outcomes and confidently make decisions.

Research Analytics by Sentera

Standardize Measurements and Data Collection

Get Fast, Accurate


Here at Sentera, we know that measurements matter.

And, even more importantly – we know that standardization and precision matters even more. With our solutions for Research, get the data you need, when you need it – knowing that the high-resolution imagery captured by a drone will be translated into accurate and precise measurements to give you detailed analytics for fast, accurate analytics for deep visibility.

Get More Precise Measurements

Get More Precise Data

Supplement your manual methods or use our automated solutions to cut the time it takes to collect data by 25% — meaning you can dig into analytics faster than before.

Eliminate Data Variability

Consistently validate outcomes with standardized data collection protocols, meaning you can accurately verify trial data to make faster decisions.

Plot trial

Validate Outcomes with Confidence

No matter where your day takes you, our FieldInsights generate the data you need to make critical business decisions.


Your Toughest Agronomic Problems, Solved.

Use Sentera’s Ag Modeling for deeper insights, helping to build a more productive and sustainable future.