6X Thermal Multispectral Sensor

Precise & Repeatable

We understand the need for data accuracy, repeatability, and ease of use. Sentera’s industry-leading agricultural sensors deliver the highest quality data without the headache.


Irrigation Management

Access more timely data that can indicate an irrigation inefficiency whether it is a clogged nozzle or a leak wasting resources.

Moisture Content Monitoring

Uncover critical insights into crop health, quality and potential by accurately measuring water content and drought pressure.

Plant Disease Detection

Protect yields, manage trials and reduce the impact of blights and wilts with earlier detection of disease pressure.

Performance Specifications


4X 3.2MP Monochrome Global Shutter – Sony IMX265
HFOV – 47°
GSD @ 400ft – 2.0” (5.2cm)
GSD @ 200ft – 1.0” (2.6cm)
Spectral Bands
Green: 550nm x 20nm
Red: 670nm x 30nm
Red Edge: 715nm x 10nm
NIR: 840nm x 20nm

1X 20MP RGB Electronic Rolling Shutter – Sony IMX147
HFOV – 47°
GSD @ 400ft – 0.8” (2.0cm)
GSD @ 200ft – 0.4” (1.0cm)

1X FLIR Boson 320 x 256 LWIR, Radiometric
HFOV – 50°
GSD @ 400ft – 13.9” (35.5cm)
GSD @ 200ft – 7.0” (17.7cm)
Thermal Accuracy – +/- 5 °C
Thermal Sensitivity – <50mK

*Synchronized capture across all sensors


Dimensions – 3.13” x 2.60” x 2.66”

Weight – 290 grams

Power Consumption – 15W

Imagery Per Trigger:
– (4) 12-bit TIF 3.2MP registered monochrome images
– (1) 16-bit TIF 320×256 radiometric thermal image
– (1) 8-bit JPG 20MP RGB Image

Sustained Capture Rate – 5 FPS

Storage – 512 GB Internal PCIe NVMe

*Compatible with DJI Matrice and Inspire drones as well as custom installations

Download Demo Data

Full Resolution Mosaic Images

Contains .png files from 4 indices – RGB, NDVI, NDRE, and Thermal.

Thermal Raw Image Zip Folder

Contains 6 folders (one for each sensor). Requires post-processing using Pix4D.

Advance Your Next Precision Agriculture Project with the 6X Thermal.