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NDVI drone packages + AgVault drone software empower smart growing decisions

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OnTop adds big data thinking to aerial and ground-based photographic inspections

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Eyes on the ground when it matters the most

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Sentera has been granted a 333 exemption from the FAA to operate commercial unmanned aerial vehicles

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Enhanced Infrastructure Inspection

Sentera OnTop is the premier drone software platform supporting infrastructure inspection.


The OnTop platform puts you in control of your inspection process and photography. OnTop keeps track of where and when your inspection photography was taken, automatically assigns it to the correct site, and keeps track of what asset was captured. Now you can build complete historical photography records of all your work at all your sites. A mobile app and desktop client allow you access to your inspections wherever and whenever.


With an OnTop subscription, you’ll never lose a photo or forget where it was taken ever again.

NDVI + Crop Health

Our drone packages help farmers maximize the yield of every acre. In just minutes, farm fields spanning hundreds of acres can be surveyed and problem areas quickly identified.


Sentera drones + cameras are the simplest, most cost-effective way to collect color + NDVI imagery. We offer solutions at all price points, from a low cost NDVI-upgraded Phantom 3, all the way to the high performance Phoenix 2.


We can upgrade your Phantom 3 to add NDVI capability.


AgVault data management & drone software simplifies storage and organization of aerial field photography, processes NDVI, stitches field photos, and makes sharing and exporting photos a breeze. AgVault mobile allows you to scout issues on the ground and store them alongside aerial imagery.

Commercial UAVs for Precision Agriculture and Inspection | Drone Software + Data Management | Sentera
Commercial UAVs for Precision Agriculture and Inspection | Drone Software + Data Management | Sentera


Sentera deals in drones of all kinds, for every market, and our solutions are compatible with any drone.


We offer incredible DJI drones, including the Inspire & Phantom families.


We design and manufacture The Sentera Phoenix 2 for customers interested in longer flight times and heavier payloads.


We offer the Lockheed Martin Indago, the most advanced quad-rotor platform on the market, for customers demanding the highest performance.

Public Safety

Sentera offers rugged, dependable drones and cameras for public safety and intelligence missions, day or night. Our team can get you flying border patrol, natural disaster relief, search + rescue or anywhere else that quick-response situational awareness is required.


We have years of experience working with domestic and foreign governments. We know the requirements and we know what it takes to be great partners.

our experience

Our solutions have collected and managed over 16 MILLION aerial images — enough to cover the entire state of West Virginia

175,000 GB of DATA

Data is at the center of everything we do — our drone software has over 175,000 GB of data under management


Sentera drones have imaged over 25 million acres of farmland, empowering growers to make data-driven decisions


We have over 200 years of collective experience in drones and unmanned aircraft — going back to 1995


We have deep drone flight expertise — our drones have flown over 20,000 hours in service of our customers