FieldAgent™ Platform

The FieldAgent Platform helps advisors, agronomists, and producers gather data, develop insights, and take action to optimize outcomes. The FieldAgent Cloud unifies web, mobile, desktop, and API interfaces to deliver concise, easy-to-understand reports. Quick access to satellite, drone, weather, field operations data, and issue detection give users the knowledge they need to produce the best results.

FieldAgent Web

FieldAgent Web is a connected web application that is compatible with multiple devices and provides the same great analytics capabilities as FieldAgent Desktop.

FieldAgent Mobile

FieldAgent Mobile for iOS is a drone mission planning and in-field scouting application that integrates with the most popular DJI drones safely and easily.

FieldAgent Desktop

FieldAgent Desktop provides processing and analytics at the field edge – no internet connection required. Gather data, generate prescriptions and then auto-synchronize with cloud-based products when connected to the internet.

FieldAgent Analytics

Sentera FieldAgent offers the widest range of industry uses with our analytics products at the core. The indices and analytics features provide insightful results displayed as a data driven map layer within FieldAgent’s mobile, web and desktop applications.


Sentera’s industry-leading sensors deliver precise, radiometrically accurate data, from standard index to advanced multispectral equipment with onboard machine-learning capabilities. They integrate seamlessly with a variety of drone and ground-based equipment and quickly gather crop health data, improving scouting efficiency and accuracy.

Drone and Sensor Solutions

Sentera precision agriculture sensors are managed with the FieldAgent platform and integrate seamlessly with DJI and other popular drone platforms. When added to a new or existing drone, you can collect and measure extremely precise near-infrared (NIR) data such as normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), normalized difference red edge (NDRE), multispectral, stand count, weed map, and tassel count analytics.