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Delivering next-level insights in real-time with high-resolution imagery for agriscience and crop production.

What We Do

Today’s agricultural leaders need data to fuel critical decisions, and existing manual methods aren’t sufficient to get to the level of information required. With Sentera ag drones and sensors, easily capture high-resolution imagery of your plots and fields. Our machine learning and artificial intelligence platform translates it into real-time analytics and insights, which can then be viewed in our software platform. 

The result? Saving time and resources while eliminating errors and unlocking new layers of data analysis.

Our Solutions

Flexible Data Collection to Support Your Requirements

Get 100% aerial coverage, from first sign of emergence through harvest and every stage in between.   Learn more >

Extensive Analytics to Validate Outcomes

Validate outcomes and pinpoint where to focus with 10x more data points.   Learn more >

Easy-to-use Platform for Data Visualization & Analysis

Make critical decisions with software designed to showcase how your inputs impact your outcomes. Learn more >

Delivering More Accurate Data 50% Faster


million acres in real time


10x more data points



of outcomes

The Value We Provide

Delivering Data Quality

Increasing Efficiency

Improving Profitability


Delivering solutions to monitor, capture, collect, and analyze data.

Starting with our ag drones and sensors, capture aerial imagery to turn into detailed analytics for visualization and analysis in our software platform, making it easy for agronomic leaders to act and validate outcomes.