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Maximize Profitability with Precision Weed Maps from Aerial WeedScout

Aerial WeedScout:
Precision Weed Management Redefined

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Aerial WeedScout in action over field

Aerial WeedScout provides precise, plant-level data, enabling rapid analysis of weed location for proactive, informed decision-making. Within 24 hours of drone deployment, targeted herbicide prescriptions are digitally delivered and seamlessly integrated with any precision sprayer. This optimizes chemical use and reduces non-residual herbicide costs by up to 70%.

This intelligent solution conserves resources and ensures consistent effectiveness in both the early green-on-brown and the later green-on-green applications, maximizing your herbicide efficiency.

Earlier Weed Detection, Pre-Spray Precision:
Act on Insights, Not Assumptions​

Utilize Aerial WeedScout’s precise weed maps to select the most effective herbicide chemistries for your farm. This solution enables targeted investments in premium tank-mixes or pre-emergence chemistries. With targeted spray prescriptions delivered before application, Aerial WeedScout ensures the optimal types and volumes of herbicides are in your sprayer tanks, maximizing precision spraying cost savings.

Sprayer loading up premium tank mixes for precision spraying of weeds
Tractor in field precision spraying

Faster ROI Achieved

Experience low operating costs and seamless integration with your existing field activities using Aerial WeedScout, compatible with any sprayer equipped with nozzle-by-nozzle or section control. Enjoy up to a 70% reduction in non-residual herbicide costs while maintaining optimal sprayer speed, ensuring maximum efficiency with timely and precise applications. Achieve rapid ROI through significant savings and enhanced operational efficiency.​​

Speed and Accuracy in Every Application

Experience broadcast-equivalent weed control and application speeds with significantly fewer inputs using Aerial WeedScout. Powered by Sentera’s cutting-edge high-precision direct georeferencing (DGR) technology, this system ensures swift data capture, upload, and processing, culminating in a customized herbicide prescription within just 24 hours of drone deployment. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, our drones maximize efficiency by covering acres at a rate comparable to a full-speed sprayer while pinpointing weed locations with remarkable precision down to ¼ inch. Seamlessly blending speed and accuracy, Aerial WeedScout redefines efficiency in weed management.

Weed Annotations from Aerial WeedScout

Enhance Weed

When integrated into your weed management strategy, Aerial WeedScout may serve as a tool for combating herbicide resistance.​

Minimize Drift

By precisely targeting herbicide applications, Aerial WeedScout reduces unnecessary chemical dispersion, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Sustainable Protection

Minimize your environmental impact while achieving broadcast-equivalent weed control.

From Data Capture to Actionable Insights in 24 Hours

Aerial WeedScout Full Process Diagram

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Aerial WeedScout’s 2025 Launch

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Our Early Access program for the groundbreaking Aerial WeedScout technology is currently fully subscribed servicing over 10,000 acres across 5 states as industry partners and growers eagerly anticipate its commercial release in 2025. If you are interested in discovering how Aerial WeedScout can revolutionize your operations and deliver significant value starting in 2025, please register your interest below. Stay informed and be among the first to access this innovative technology.​

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