NDVI | NDRE | Precision Ag

11 May Sentera Launches High-Precision Sensor Product Line

Precise NDVI and NDRE data capture in an ultra-compact package Today, Sentera announced new additions to its small, lightweight High-Precision Single Sensor product family. The new High-Precision NDVI Single and High-Precision NDRE Single utilize patent-pending technology to improve spectral band separation and generate more accurate vegetation...

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Phoenix | PRO MS LE | SENTERA| Fixed-Wing Drone

09 May Sentera Introduces Enhanced Phoenix Drone with New Low Pricing

Best value fixed-wing drone for agriculture, survey & mapping, search & rescue operations Sentera introduces its enhanced, affordable Phoenix fixed-wing drone product line, with variants to support the precision agriculture, mapping, and public safety industries. By pairing cutting-edge technologies with manufacturing efficiencies, Sentera’s Phoenix is a cost-effective solution...

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Part 107 Infographic | Sentera | Commercial Drones for Agriculture + Inspection

24 Apr Part 107 Infographic

Flying Your Drone Commercially: Part 107 Infographic As a follow up to our blog, Flying Your Drone Commercially: Part 107 Explanation, we've broken it down with this simple Part 107 infographic to help you turn your drone into a business while helping you remain FAA compliant.   ...

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