Your In-Season Agronomic Insights Platform

FieldAgent helps advisors, agronomists, and growers gather in-season, whole-farm insights to maximize yield and profitability. It integrates data from drones, satellites, weather, soil, and field operations with powerful models and AI tools that give ag professionals the knowledge they need to manage the best outcome.

What is FieldAgent?

The FieldAgent Platform Applications

FieldAgent includes synchronized mobile, web, and desktop applications and API integration with many leading digital Ag platforms. These integrations enable easy sharing and workflow integration of FieldAgent images, analytics, and insights. Imagery, index products like NDVI and NDRE, and advanced tools like plant population, weed density, and tassel count analysis are all available through FieldAgent.



or $500 annually

FieldAgent Mobile

FieldAgent Mobile is an in-field scouting tool that gathers real-time imagery and analytics at the field edge. It is one of the easiest and most popular solutions using DJI drones equipped with Sentera and third-party sensors.

FieldAgent Desktop

FieldAgent Desktop provides insightful analytics at the field edge, no internet connection required.  Immediately leverage QuickTile NDVI, or NDRE images, or plant population, weed density, and tassel count analytics data. FieldAgent Desktop also provides important crop health status, reporting and basic prescription generation.

FieldAgent Web

The FieldAgent Web application provides browser-based access to crop health data and analytics which can be shared with anyone, even if they do not have a FieldAgent account. It’s the ideal application for growers and their advisors to share and act on all in-season insights.

FieldAgent Notifications

FieldAgent Notifications leverage weather data, satellite data, human observation and drone data, to enhance accuracy and efficiency for confident and informed management decisions.


Sentera’s LiveNDVI® video technology is an industry-first and the only solution in the world of its kind. When used with our exclusive Double 4K and AGX710 sensors, it’s never been easier to gather real-time data to inform quick input decisions.

FieldAgent APIs

FieldAgent’s APIs integrate data and workflow processes with connected applications and platforms including John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView and Beck’s FarmServer.

Permanent Crop Manager

Permanent Crop Manager by FieldAgent® delivers investors, advisors, managers and producers with holistic, historic and real-time production information of crop health needed to increase operational efficiency and make informed management decisions from anywhere in the world.

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A FieldAgent annual subscription includes:

  • FieldAgent Mobile
  • FieldAgent Web
  • FieldAgent Desktop
  • Free NDVI and NDRE Quick Tile images


or $500 annually