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Meaningful, actionable crop health data

Sentera’s FieldAgent mobile, web, and desktop platform enables you to leverage real-time data to take in-season action. FieldAgent’s data layers go beyond drone-based sensed data and include satellite, ground and manned data layers. We are working on adding even more compatibilities and capabilities to the platform for the 2019 growing season.

FieldAgent platform is a complete agricultural data analytics solution that’s with you wherever you are — in the office or in the field.

Coupled with a data from Sentera’s ag sensors, satellite imagery, weather data and more – the FieldAgent platform takes you into meaningful data products with actual economic value, such as NDVI and NDRE zone analysis, population analysis, weed mapping, and elevation & 3D mapping.


What is FieldAgent?


An Industry First, Only From Sentera

The Sentera Double 4K and AGX710 sensors are the only sensors available that allow you to capture NDVI video.

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Real-Time Analytics

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Sentera FieldAgent™ delivers instant plant population and weed pressure reports in the FieldAgent™ mobile app, while the drone is still in flight. Agriculture professionals can obtain up to 100 times more in-field measurements versus manual scouting methods and get better coverage all across the field. No memory card or post-flight processing is required. The analytics results are delivered live, as the drone flies.

These valuable, field-edge analytic tools are available today and supported on DJI M200 and M210 systems equipped with Sentera AGX710 sensors. The capability is currently offered for corn, soybeans, and potatoes, with additional crop-compatibility being added.

Providing in-field results using real-time data offers agronomists, crop consultants, and growers expanded field insights during the 2019 growing season.

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Real-time Analytics. In-field Results.

Plant Population & Weed Pressure Reports

With FieldAgent’s Real-Time Analytics, scouts can ground truth areas of interest and instantly see results; allowing a complete, integrated scouting mission to be completed before the drone even lands. FieldAgent’s latest offering expedites delivery of insights – something the industry has been seeking.

Real-Time Analytics showcases the combined flexibility and power of the DJI SkyPort architecture, the Sentera AGX710 sensor, and Sentera’s expertise in machine learning and computer vision technology. For ag professionals, this means access to the fast, easy, and complete stand count and weed pressure data. A user simply programs FieldAgent to autonomously scout a field and the system captures 1-2 images per acre, runs the analytics in real-time, and instantly reports the data back to the user’s mobile device, right at the field edge. Calculations happen within seconds and results are delivered instantly.

FieldAgent’s Real-Time Analytics is an included feature of the AGX710 sensor. The solution is compatible exclusively with Sentera’s AGX710 sensor and DJI Matrice drone series.


Available Today!


Sentera offers a wide range of agricultural analytics products, each with measurable economic value to a growing operation. Each result is available as a data-driven map layer within FieldAgent™ — visible on your computer, on the web, or on your phone. Results are shareable with clients and advisers, even if they don’t have FieldAgent accounts.

These valuable, field-edge analytic tools are available today to all FieldAgent customers, helping ag professionals leverage early-season data for replant decisions, allocate inputs to higher yielding areas, and more-precisely apply chemicals. Providing crop analysis using real-time RGB and NDVI data offers agronomists, crop consultants, and growers expanded field insights during the 2019 growing season.

Real-Time Data. Real-Time Analytics.

Weed Maps | Weed Density Maps | Sentera FieldAgent Platform

Weed Maps

FieldAgent’s weed maps use computer vision to study every photo of your field, and accurately identify the location, and density of weeds. At the field edge and without an internet connection, FieldAgent takes your high-resolution images, analyzes them, and delivers you the results in a color-coded map, giving you an exact snapshot of weed pressure and location in a field.

By leveraging weed maps, you are able to produce map-layers and shapefiles that identify areas with weeds. Then, use this critical data to apply chemicals with precision.

Weed Maps are available through FieldAgent at $0.25/acre.

FieldAgent Ag Analytics | Plant Population Analysis | Accurate Stand Count | FieldAgent Platform

Plant Population Maps

The population toolkit delivers plant count per unit area in a field so you can take in-season action. After collecting high-resolution data, the analysis can be run without an internet connection, delivering you a color-coded Plant Population Map while you stand at the field edge.

Results are delivered in a color-coded map in an easy-to-use format. Reported in plants-per-acre (PPA), this analysis gives you an accurate measurement of plants in a field.

FieldAgent supports population mapping of corn, soybeans, potatoes, and other row crops.

Plant Population Maps are available through FieldAgent at $0.25/acre.

Spot Scouting Maps | Sentera FieldAgent Platform

Spot Scouting Maps

Spot scouting maps deliver analytics measurements based on regular grid sampling of a field. The Spot Scouting Map will sub-sample the field with nominally 1-2 measurements per acre. This dramatically increases the number of acres you can fly on a single battery while still collecting an order of magnitude more samples per acre than traditional manual scouting practices.

Spot Scouting Map capabilities are included with a FieldAgent subscription.

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Free Orthomosaics | Free Image Stitching | Sentera FieldAgent Platform

Free Stitching

Free, unlimited stitching is included with every FieldAgent subscription.

Sentera partnered with the Open Drone Map project to bring a no-extra-charge stitching module to FieldAgent. There are no limits on acreage, resolution or usage. Simply install the module on your computer, and stitching begins automatically.

Install the module.

Elevation Mapping | Sentera FieldAgent Platform | Precision Ag Software | Agronomic Software

Elevation Maps

Topography and elevation data helps you to increase your operating efficiencies when building variable rate prescriptions, creating drainage or land-leveling plans, and designing subsurface drainage. You can easily order Elevation Maps within FieldAgent by simply clicking a button. The Elevation Map is then delivered to you as both a color-mapped topographic map image and set of industry-standard shapefiles.

Elevation models help you streamline activities such as land leveling, prescription generation, sub-surface tile design, and surface water management, including ditching activities.

Elevation Maps are a paid product.

Zone Management via NDVI Toolbox™ | Sentera FieldAgent Platform | Agronomic Software

Data Analysis with NDVI Toolbox®

FieldAgent’s dynamic crop analysis tools help you identify stressed areas by comparing plant health over time and determining optimal input placement. Using the NDVI Toolbox, you are easily able to adjust NDVI ranges, allowing you to clearly see stressed areas and model crop health over time.

Through data analysis, you can build simple prescriptions based on NDVI auto-zone map creation, then export to the cab of a tractor. What’s more, you are able to easily export your crop information to agriculture data analysis tools such as the John Deere Operations Center, FieldView, SST, SMS, and more!

NDVI Toolbox capabilities are included with a FieldAgent subscription.

FieldAgent Desktop

Powerful agronomic analysis


With you at the field’s edge, FieldAgent is ready to quickly deliver color, NDVI, and NDRE maps moments after landing your drone. Photos are assigned to the right field, categorized by time and type (RGB, NIR, NDVI, NDRE). Your data is automatically synced with your entire team, or even your customers as soon as you have a data connection.

Do even more with powerful analytics tools such as free image stitching, plant population analysis, weed mapping, and elevation mapping.

Free Image Stitching | FieldAgent Platform by Sentera | Free Orthomosaics

Your drone data + your analytics

We’ve partnered with the biggest names in agriculture so your data gets where you need it. FieldAgent was created to supercharge your existing workflows, not create new ones.

We support all types of drones, including the DJI Mavic, Phantom 4, Phantom 3, Inspire, and our PHX and Omni drones. FieldAgent’s compatibility with a wide variety of UAVs ensures that every ag professional has access to hyper-precise crop health data.

Zone Management for Agriculture | FieldAgent Software by Sentera

NDVI Toolbox  |  Fly • Assess • Act

FieldAgent’s NDVI Toolbox™ offers you ultimate control of your data. The NDVI Toolbox is a collection of resources that allow you to manage NDVI zones, utilize a basic prescription tool, recolor, dynamically regenerate, and highlight areas of an NDVI crop health map. For the first time ever, you don’t need to choose between seeing NDVI data progress over a growing season or contrast data from a single flight — you can do both.

NDVI Toolbox transforms a high-resolution raster field map into intuitive polygons with common NDVI values. The files are small and easily exported to your existing tools.

With the Zone Management tool, you are able to transform a high-resolution raster field map into intuitive polygons that share common NDVI values. Turn your data into action with the basic prescription tool to record prescriptive data and input recommendations. Plus, utilize NDVI color-mapping technology to force more dramatic variances showing a plant’s health relative to others in the field and at a granular level.

NDVI Toolbox is available now through FieldAgent. Patent Pending.

Check out this 60-second video of the NDVI Toolbox in action.

View NDVI Toolbox data sheet.

QuickTile Image Stitching | FieldAgent Platform by Sentera

QuickTile™: a faster alternative to full stitching

You just want the data — it doesn’t have to take hours and hours from super-computers to get it. FieldAgent offers QuickTile images that deliver complete field views by tiling your images together. They’re available instantly at the field edge, no internet connection necessary.

Want full stitching? Order professionally stitched mosaics right through FieldAgent!

Why QuickTile™?

Free Image Stitching | FieldAgent Platform by Sentera | Free Orthomosaics

Field views tie everything together

Every field, every survey, every year. FieldAgent software keeps all your drone and mobile surveys together, displayed layer by layer. Toggle layers on and off for instant comparisons between any number of data sets.

FieldAgent makes it easy to understand what’s happening on your land, and then do something about it.  FieldAgent puts a photo dot every place on your field where there’s an image — mobile or aerial — so you can easily dive into crop health detail.

 FieldAgent Web

FieldAgent Web dramatically increases accessibility of crop health data, allowing precision ag data to be seen anywhere and be shared with anyone. FieldAgent Web allows you to use FieldAgent on any connected, browser-equipped device. Web users can easily view and share crop health data while users on desktop, mobile, and web can use the new toolset to quickly share field data with anyone, regardless if the recipient has an active account.

Agronomists, crop consultants, and producers are able to access critical crop health data from a grower’s site, advisor’s office, or a dealership and offer advice using near-real-time crop health data.

Got 40 seconds? Check out this video of FieldAgent Web in action!

FieldAgent Mobile

Autonomous flight planning & on-the-go data access


FieldAgent Mobile** for iOS is the premier crop scouting and UAV autonomous flight tool. FieldAgent Mobile offers you live flight planning options, in-app map views, a sleek and efficient user interface, and free access to the most commonly used mobile features.

Connecting you to the latest in crop-scouting technology, FieldAgent Mobile is now the best way to accomplish broad area surveys with DJI equipment. Plus, we’ve made it free to use, and accessible to anyone with a supported drone!

FieldAgent Mobile 3.0 | Agronomic Software | Ag Drone Software | Precision Ag Software | Crop Scouting Software

Highlight Flight Area & Set Specifications

FieldAgent Mobile 3.0 | Agronomic Software | Ag Drone Software | Precision Ag Software | Crop Scouting Software


FieldAgent Mobile 3.0 | Agronomic Software | Ag Drone Software | Precision Ag Software | Crop Scouting Software

Upload Data & View Maps Anywhere!

Key features:

  • No limits: Users can fly unlimited acres with individually customizable overlap and sidelap.
  • Interactive drone job planning: FieldAgent Mobile offers live flight planning, which shows you exactly the track the aircraft will fly as users change overlap, altitude, speed, and other parameters. Job resource estimates for each flight are provided in realtime, including battery count, time, and acreage.
  • Access to crop health maps – anytime, anywhere: FieldAgent mobile enables growers to review critical crop health maps within the app. All FieldAgent platform map data is accessible within the app, including an option for offline viewing.
  • Fly for free: FieldAgent Mobile is free of charge. Anyone can sign up in-app and start flying today. Access to analytics, stitching, QuickTile maps, and other processing remain part of the paid tier of FieldAgent.

FieldAgent Mobile** for iOS allows you to easily fly any DJI Mavic, Phantom, or Inspire UAV, taking any guesswork out of flying the drone. The solution provides the agriculture industry with an affordable, end-to-end NDVI solution.

With a complete FieldAgent solution, growers, agronomists, crop consultants,  and advisors can easily highlight a field, autonomously fly a drone, capture precise imagery, manage data, produce QuickTile™ maps, and deliver data to a piece of equipment, all at the field edge.

Read FieldAgent Mobile literature

Have 50 seconds? Check out FieldAgent Mobile in Action!

Don’t let battery life affect your flight plan**

The FieldAgent Mobile iOS app features a battery swap capability that enables you to plan a flight of any size, seamlessly accommodating any number of battery swap outs. The feature monitors battery life, notes the exact coordinates where it left off, and returns to you when a new battery is required. Once a replacement battery is installed, the UAV automatically resumes flight and data capture exactly where it left off.

The battery swap and flight planning features work with the DJI Mavic, Phantom, and Inspire drones. Farmers and agronomists who need high-resolution color, NIR, NDVI, and NDRE data from vast amounts of acres in a single flight plan can now capture that data easily, without worry about UAV battery life. All that really matters is the size of your data card. This changes the game.

** FieldAgent’s autonomous flight feature is available when using an iOS mobile device. Android mobile devices are not currently supported.

FieldAgent Tier Options

  • SoftwareFeatures
    • Simple map view of each field + its data
    • Unlimited NDVI images
    • Matches photos with fields and locations
    • NDVI Toolbox Feature with customizable NDVI
    • Unlimited color + NDVI QuickTile images
    • Automatically fly entire fields using iOS mobile device**
    • Battery swap feature enabling flights of any size**
    • Create and export shapefiles (.SHP)
    • Import orthorectified mosaics from popular stitching tools
    • Order full mosaics directly from FieldAgent
    • Export directly to the cab of your tractor with My John Deere Operations Center
    • Share maps + data with SST, John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView, APEX, SMS, Farm Works + more
    • Easily export data anywhere
    • No internet needed to process data at the field’s edge
    • Quickly share entire fields’ data with anyone
    • Cloud back-up, sync and share space
    • Live tech support
    • Free software updates + access to webinars and continuing education

  • Mobile

  • Viewer* $12/month

  • FieldAgent $29/month
    • Unlimited Shares
    • 100 GB

* Viewer subscription allows users to view field data, as granted by data owner
**FieldAgent Mobile autonomous flight feature and battery swap feature available for iOS mobile devices only. Android mobile device compatibility is not currently supported.

  FieldAgent literature

  FieldAgent Mobile literature