Unlock Field Potential With Your Nitrogen Data

Our technology is powered by your on-farm nitrogen monitoring data to produce actionable, real-time, and field-scale insights based on satellite imagery, weather, and management information.

Confidence & Efficiency

Our nitrogen management tool allows you to leverage the data you are already collecting to unlock your field’s full potential. With our flexible API, you can share data directly from your tissue and soil testing labs to ensure real-time updates throughout the growing season.

Be Confident

FieldAgent allows you to manage crop performance confidently by combining our weekly crop nitrogen status with your desired management thresholds.

Be Effective

FieldAgent provides actionable notifications which direct you to the areas approaching nitrogen deficiency, enabling you to be effective in your scouting process.

Be Efficient

By knowing when and where to apply fertilizer, FieldAgent helps you to be more efficient in your operations while saving costs from not applying unnecessary fertilizer to your fields.

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