Sentera 65R Sensor

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Ultra-High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

The 65R Sensor from Sentera

What is the 65R Sensor? 

The Sentera 65R is the first ultra-high-resolution precision sensor built from the ground up for seamless integration with drone systems, including RTK systems.  

More Pixels Per Image, Captured Faster

With a ground sampling distance of 0.45cm/pixel, improve efficiency and reduce errors by capturing more pixels per image; meaning you can capture more ground significantly faster than any other camera on the market.

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Purpose-built for seamless Drone integration

Our engineers and technical team built the 65R with one thing in mind: easy integration with drones for ultra-high-resolution aerial image capture to inform critical decisions for survey and mapping use cases.

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Optimal Data Output for Your Use case

From an RGB mosaic to a detailed digital surface model (DSM) and deep analytics, easily generate the data you need for your unique use case, whether for surveying, modeling, or mapping.

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Key Specs for the Sentera 65R Sensor

Resolution & Lens
Gipxel GMAX3265
Resolution: 9344 x 7000
  • HFOV: 57.6* x 44.8*
  • GSD @ 38m (125 ft): 0.45cm
  • GSD @ 120m (200 ft): 1.43cm
  • Focal Length: 27mm
Pixel Size
6.35cm x 6.3m x 10.64cm (2.50" x 2.48" x 4.19")
330 grams (including lens)
9-26V Input, 12W Typical
Frame Rate
3 fps
Image Format
512 GB Internal PCIe NVMe
  • USB-C
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • UART
  • Digital I/O
    Input Pulse/PWM for Image Capture
    Input Pulse Per Second (PPS) for Time/Position
  • Sync
    Output Pulse for Image Exposure Sync
  • Integrated IMU
  • Pushbutton Trigger Option
Compatible Drones
  • DJI Matrice Series
  • Freefly Astro
  • Sentera PHX

Compatible with Industry-leading Gimbal Options

DJI Skyport

Gremsy Quick Release

Smart Dovetail

Download Sample Datasets

Get a preview of the ultra-high-resolution aerial imagery you can capture with the 65R

Sample Data Subset

Full Orthomosaic

Full Data Set

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