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Capture High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Trust in Sentera ag drones and sensors to get 100% aerial imagery of your plots and fields to truly understand performance.

Our Recommended Ag Drone Packages

Accomplish your aerial missions faster by choosing one of our pre-configured packages, built with Sentera’s leading sensors.

Research Package

Calibrated Multispectral and High Resolution RGB Insights

Broad Acre Package

Maximum Coverage Crop Health Maps and Insights

Sentera Mavic 3 Enterprise Double 4K System

Scouting Package

Maximize In-Field Insights and Analytics

Capture Aerial Data 25% Faster

Leveraging our drone and sensor technology means technology does the work for you — covering more acres and trials with fewer resources.

Standardize Data Collection

Remove variability with standardized data collection and trust the accuracy of your measurements to make critical business decisions.

Crop Health
Farmers in a field

Let Us Fly For You

With a full team of trained and certified remote pilots, our world-class professional Flight Services team focuses on capturing aerial imagery to generate accurate insights.

Don’t Know Where
to Start?

Check out our ’23 Ag Drones & Sensors Buyers Guide for more information!

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