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Integration Kits Available for Multirotor Drones

Up-level your DJI multirotor drones with a Sentera sensor, resulting in more precise and accurate measurements.

DJI M300 Double 4K

Compatible with industry-leading drones

6X Gimbal Kit

DJI Matrice Series

Integrate our Double 4K or 6X Sensors with the Matrice 200 (M200) or Matrice 300 (M300).


DJI Inspire 2

Elevate your Inspire UAV with our Double 4K or 6X Sensors


DJI phantom Series

Start with the Phantom 4 Pro and our High-Precision Single Sensor, or get more data with the Phantom 4 Pro and Double 4K combination.


DJI Mavic 2

Add our High-Precision Single Sensor or Double 4K to get the high-resolution imagery needed for your unique use case .

Our Recommended Ag Drone Packages

Accomplish your aerial missions faster by choosing one of our pre-configured packages, built with Sentera’s leading sensors.

Research Package

Calibrated Multispectral and High Resolution RGB Insights

Broad Acre Package

Maximum Coverage Crop Health Maps and Insights

Scouting Package

Versatile Crop Spot Scouting and Mapping

Turn aerial imagery into detailed analytics for faster and more precise agronomic decisions.

Powering faster and more precise agronomic decisions starts with data capture, via a Sentera sensor and drone of your choice.

Once captured, we turn your imagery into analytics, which can be viewed in our FieldAgent platform for deeper insight.

Your Toughest Agronomic Problems, Solved.

Use Sentera’s Ag Modeling for deeper insights, helping to build a more productive and sustainable future.  

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