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Get the measurements that matter to validate research and make critical decisions about key inputs and product development.  

6x on M300

“Sentera’s 6X on-board processing is groundbreaking and paves the way for significant breakthroughs in real-time agronomic analytics.” 

Get the Highest Quality Imagery

With the ability to capture higher-resolution outputs (2.6 cm per pixel when flying at 200’) with faster capture rates, trust in your data to make faster input and management decisions. 

Capture Ag Analytics
Analytics by Sentera

Translate Imagery to Detailed Measurements 

After data capture, use Sentera’s machine learning platform to get detailed data to characterize performance, including specific insights for Canopy Cover, Crop Health, Flowering, Residue Cover, and Stand Count.  

Make Critical Decisions Faster

Validate outcomes and with access to 10x more data points and measurements, helping to characterize plot trial performance and get products to market faster.  

Flowering Plot Trial Analytics


Designed specifically for high-performance phenotyping and characterization 

crop growth stage
High-Throughput Phenotyping
Locate crop stress
Disease Identification
Product Performance
Performance Characterization
Seed Breeding & Production
Evaluate Treatments
Input Optimization
Analyze inputs
Yield & Outcomes Forecasting


A Deeper Look into the 6X

    • Eight channels of high-resolution RGB & multispectral outputs  
    • Five multispectral bands at 3.2MP  
    • One 20MP RGB Electronic Rolling Shutter 
    • Five monochrome global shutters* and one 20MP RGB electronic rolling shutter  
    • Calibrated imagery with Reflectance Panel + Light Sensor 
    • Compatible with leading agriculture drones (DJI Matrice & Inspire Series) 
    • Thermal option available with 1X FLIR Boson 320×256 LWIR, radiometric 


6X Sensor

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