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Example of Sentera's Canopy Cover Analytics

Unlock the power

of your data.

Leverage our ag drones and sensors to capture high-resolution imagery, powering critical decisions with accurate, timely, and reliable analytics.

Multispectral Insights

Supported Crops

FieldInsights give you essential insight into crop health and performance throughout the entire season, helping you make critical in-season decisions about key inputs based on identified outcomes.





Small Grains

Male Female Stand Count with FieldAgent

Make Critical In-Season Decisions

Go beyond the field’s edge with access to detailed analytics focused on eliminating variability and providing a true view into outcomes.

Get Data When You Need It

Timeliness is just important as detailed measurements – and with data powered by machine learning, get both with FieldInsights.


Validate and Understand Outcomes

Dig deeper into what’s happening in the plot or field with access to more relevant data points than other data or insights available in the industry.

Go Beyond Measuring Crop Health

Residue Cover

Optimize Soil Management

Crop Area

Track Field Borders

Elevation & Hydrology

Model Water Flow

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