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Canopy Cover

Quantify the fraction and uniformity of green vegetation across every acre and every plot

FieldInsights-Canopy Cover

Monitor canopy development

crop growth stage

Characterize growth stage

Crop Health

Measure canopy uniformity

track emergence

Evaluate emergence and vigor

drive crop performance

Drive better crop performance

Validate Product Outcomes

Validate and understand outcomes

Supported Crops

Canopy Cover give you essential insight into crop health, helping you make critical in-season decisions about key inputs based on identified outcomes.





Small Grain

Canopy Cover

Canopy Cover

With our Canopy Cover data, get insight into the breakdown between vegetative growth across a field or plot area. Visualize data analysis in FieldAgent, or choose to export the data into a format of your choice to see exact percentage breakdowns for deeper analysis.

Choose the Sentera sensor for you.

Sentera sensors are designed to get you the data you need, when you need it. For our customers who are capturing Canopy Cover, use one of the following to capture the right data for analysis.

Double 4K

Capture detailed multispectral imagery for more precise crop health data


Get high-radiometric accuracy with science-grade multispectral imagery

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