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Stand Count

Understand crop emergence across every acre and every plot to make critical decisions to optimize performance

Analyze inputs

Get accurate, timely data


Enable critical in-season management

track emergence

Quantify crop emergence, uniformity

field management

Inform scouting priorities

early season critical decisions

Fuel critical early-season decisions

Weed Detection Analytics

Validate and understand outcomes

Supported Crops

FieldInsights give you essential insight into crop health and performance throughout he entire season, helping you make critical in-season decisions about key inputs based on identified outcomes.


Male / Female Corn




Whether for research plot trials, product development and production, or sales and marketing, our Stand Count Analytics meet your unique requirements to make critical in-season decisions.

Choose the Sentera sensor for you.

Sentera sensors are designed to get you the data you need, when you need it. For our customers who are capturing Canopy Cover, use one of the following to capture the right data for analysis.

Double 4K

Capture detailed multispectral imagery for more precise crop health data


Get high-radiometric accuracy with science-grade multispectral imagery

Stand Count with FieldAgent

Evaluate Seed Trait Performance

Know how specific seed traits perform with granular detail to help quantify crop emergence and uniformity, helping inform selection and product development decisions.

Support Hybrid Seed Corn Growth

Capture key metrics related to male/female row planting pattern to understand performance data, empowering critical in-season management across every acre.

Plot trial
Sales and Marketing Support

Bring Value to Grower Interactions

Get accurate population counts to help growers make critical decisions about replant or treatment, while informing boots-on-the-ground scouting with the ability to pinpoint problem areas.

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