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Become the Grower Partner of Choice

Take your precision ag initiatives to the next level with access to detailed data to optimize grower engagement initiatives.

Field Research

Quantify In-Field
Product Performance

Unlock Insights Across
Every Field

Sell Every Acre and Connect with Every Grower

Here at Sentera, we know that grower relationships matter.

And, to build those relationships, we know that you need to provide value at every interaction. With our solutions for Retail Ag & Co-ops, get the data you need, when you need it – meaning that you can drive better grower engagement with essential insight into seed and product performance all while at the field’s edge – helping to drive more critical business decisions.

Get More Precise Measurements

Scout More Fields

Capture scouting data for every acre with aerial imagery, giving you confidence to accurately advise growers about what to focus on next.

Test Product Performance

Get key data points about products you test, helping to drive better conversations with growers while informing their future purchase decisions.

Easily Send Reports with FieldAgent
Farmers in a field

Sell More, Faster

Leverage accurate data throughout the season to engage with growers, providing essential insight to build better relationships and give data-driven advice.


Your Toughest Agronomic Problems, Solved.

Use Sentera’s Ag Modeling for deeper insights, helping to build a more productive and sustainable future.