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Get to Market Faster

Expedite the product development pipeline with access to high-throughput analytics and measurements focused on product performance characterization. 

Field Research

Standardize Measurements and Data Collection

Get Fast, Accurate


Here at Sentera, we know that accuracy matters.

And, even more importantly – we know that getting the right level of detail at the right time matters even more. With our solutions for Product Development, get the analytics you need, when you need it – meaning that you can make faster, data-driven results to move product development forward, faster than ever before.

Get More Precise Measurements

See Trait Performance

Get detailed insight into high-throughput phenotypying to understand how genetic traits respond to inputs, helping make critical decisions about product development initiatives.

Get Hybrid Seed Data

Gather the data points you need for hybrid seed corn production, including those related to male/female row planting pattern across acreage. 

Male Female Stand Count with FieldAgent

Validate Outcomes 

Know what’s happening plant by plant with deep insight into performance and outcomes – meaning it’s easier to make more confident decisions.


Your Toughest Agronomic Problems, Solved.

Use Sentera’s Ag Modeling for deeper insights, helping to build a more productive and sustainable future.