Sentera Announces the Release of Live NDVI Video

10 Jan Sentera’s Real-Time NDVI Video Streaming is a Giant Leap for Growers & Agronomists Everywhere

Sentera’s Latest Sensor Offers Live NDVI Video Streaming Directly to Your Mobile Device in Real Time Sentera today announced the upcoming release of LiveNDVI™ video: livestreamed NDVI video via the Sentera Double 4K sensor. This breakthrough technology will offer agronomists worldwide the fastest way to make decisions...

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Sentera-RDO Equipment Partnership brings advanced UAV solutions to farmers | Sentera | Drones + Precision Sensors + Data Management Software

12 Dec Sentera Partners with RDO Equipment Co. to Offer New UAV Solutions

Sentera-RDO Equipment partnership brings complete UAV solution packages to RDO Customers Sentera is excited to announce its partnership with RDO Equipment Co., a total solutions provider with 78 stores servicing the agriculture, construction, environmental, surveying, and irrigation industries. The RDO Equipment partnership augments RDO's already robust product offering, giving...

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Sentera Receives Tekne Startup Award of 2016 | Commercial drones for precision agriculture & infrastructure inspection

01 Dec Sentera Honored with Startup Award of 2016 by MN High Tech Association

17th Annual Tekne Awards Recognizes Minnesota’s Technology Innovators The Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) recently recognized Sentera as the 2016 Tekne Startup Award recipient. The MHTA Tekne Awards honor companies and individuals who play a significant role in developing new technologies that positively impact the lives and...

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Sentera Releases Omni UAV | Agriculture Drone | Inspection Drone

27 Oct Sentera Launches Disruptive Technology with Quad-Rotor Omni UAV

Sentera Launches Disruptive Technology: Omni UAV Sentera, LLC brings game-changing aerial data-capture capabilities to the industry with the revolutionary Omni™ Quad-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The Omni naturally partners with a gimbaled Sentera Double 4K Sensor, creating an easy-to-use, precise drone package for the Inspection, Survey and...

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Rise Above Custom Drones Signs Reseller Agreement with Sentera | Precision Ag Drones, Sensors, Software

27 Sep Rise Above Selected to Resell Sentera Solutions Throughout Australia

Sentera signs a reseller agreement with Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions Rise Above is Australia’s leading provider of custom drone systems to the aerial agriculture, mining, cinematography, and industrial industries. With the signing of the agreement, Australia’s agriculture industry gains access to Sentera’s proven end-to-end normalized difference...

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Sentera, Dynamic UAV Solutions Ink Deal | Press Release | Drones + Sensors + Software

13 Sep Sentera Inks North American Distribution Agreement with Dynamic UAV Solutions

Sentera, Dynamic UAV Solutions: Exclusive Distribution of Precision Payloads and Phoenix 2 UAV Sentera, Dynamic UAV Solutions have signed an exclusive distribution agreement. Dynamic UAV Solutions North America, LLC, is a new distributor in the commercial UAV space for the mapping, construction, survey, and agricultural, inspection, mining, public safety,...

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Sentera at InterDrone 2016 | UAV + UAS + Sensors + Data Management Software

07 Sep Sentera Features Inspection & Agriculture Products at InterDrone 2016

Sentera Features Infrastructure Inspection and Agriculture Products at InterDrone 2016 Sentera, LLC, a global provider of software, sensor, and drone technologies to the infrastructure inspection and agriculture industries, will display a range of solutions at its exhibit during the InterDrone Conference and Exposition, which takes place at the...

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