Strengthening Grower Relationships

For technology to be useful in agriculture, it must be timely. Agronomy Sales Manager, Matt Larson says real-time visibility from FieldAgent helps him build trust with his farmer customers.

Matt and his team of 6 utilize technology like FieldAgent alongside Climate FieldView and CHS’s Agellum platform to service their farmer customers.

“The biggest thing we need to do to separate ourselves is bring new ideas. Everybody has a fertilizer price. Everybody sells a seed of some kind or a chemical of some kind. The big thing that we need to do is separate ourselves with technology, service and information to growers. Just being able to offer those different ideas that maybe somebody else hasn’t quite caught on to yet”

FieldAgent enables agronomic advisors to make more timely decisions by taking data they’re already using on a daily basis – such as satellite, weather, equipment, soil, and field operations and integrating it with drone data and their machine learning capabilities. Watch or listen to Matt’s whole story below.

The Future of Agriculture

Listen to the podcast episode which featured Matt and aired on The Future of Agriculture with Tim Hammerich.

“When we go late season and those tassels are emerged. And we can go out there and fly a field and we get the same report back that says what the tassel counts are instead of a stand count, they’re very, very accurate. On the computer, I can sit down with that grower and I can click on a section of that field and I can see the corn standing there. You can zoom all the way in to see where they’re picking up the tassel counts – what the issues are and all that stuff. I just absolutely love that piece of it.”

Matt has seen the business model of agronomists and agronomy sales evolve over the last 12 years whether it’s via communication methods, producer expectations or relationships with the farmers. He has found that farmers want to see more verified data before adopting new technology and a lot of that can now be shared via the new digital platforms.

“Growers have all this data. They have the planting data, they have the seeding data, harvest data, their spraying, all that stuff. What do they do with it? And that’s where I think it’s our job to dig through the weeds and find out what’s the real, what’s the fake for them, what makes a difference and then bring that to them.”

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