DGR System

Direct Georeferencing (DGR) System delivers high-precision location certainty in minutes to create aerial view and multispectral maps — no ground control or stitching needed

Sentera DGR System

Delivering Proven ROI & Immediate Value


Decrease flight time by 60%

Capture 9x fewer images

Eliminate post-processing

Get data
5x faster

Pair with our Science-Grade Multispectral Sensors

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6X Multispectral Sensor
6X Multispectral

Science-grade multispectral imagery with fast-frame rate performance combined with high radiometric accuracy for more advanced imagery.

6x thermal
6X Thermal 

Extend optics with pixel-level temperature measurement across all imagery, delivers even more precise insights to power critical decisions.  

65R Sensor from Sentera

Get sharper imagery with the ultra-high-resolution aerial sensor purpose-built for seamless drone integration.  

DGR Project Time Savings

Cut Project Time by 8x

Designed for precision and efficiency, the DGR System streamlines workflows so you can focus on what matters most — making critical decisions.

Capture Data More Efficiently  

From pre-flight planning to in-the-air image capture to post-processing, the Sentera DGR System increases efficiency and reduces total project time by nearly 90%  

Efficiency with Sentera's DGR

Say Goodbye to Stitched Mosaics 

With precision geolocation images, get spatially accurate maps in real-time right at the field’s edge – so you can skip stitching and start analyzing at the field’s edge.  

Get Detailed Analytics  

The Sentera DGR System seamlessly integrates with our 6X Sensors, designed to capture detailed multispectral imagery that’s translated into precise crop health and performance measurements. 


DGR Sample Data Sets

Small Plot Corn

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DGR System with 65R
DGR System with 6X

Real-World Field Analysis Example

Acres 150 150
Altitude 120 M 120 M
Flight Time 45 minutes 17.5 minutes
Image Captures 1,115 129
Data Volume 29.0 GB 3.4 GB
Post-Processing Time 5 hours 10 minutes
Total Project Time 6 hours 43 minutes



Discover how Sentera can help you make

critical decisions

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Sentera Announces Strategic Partnership with Dynatech

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Sentera Announces Partnership with Drone Nerds

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