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More Accurate Agronomic
Data 50% Faster

Leverage our ag drones and sensors to capture high-resolution imagery, powering critical decisions with accurate, timely, and reliable agronomic insights.

Reliable Ag Analytics


Get 100% Data  Collection Coverage

Get 100% Data Coverage

Use Sentera sensors and drones to get complete coverage of your plots and fields, with flexibility to get high-resolution imagery at any point in the season.

Trust in Our Analytics

Make faster and more precise decisions with agronomic data designed to meet your unique requirements throughout the crop production lifecycle, from research to breeding to production and sales.

Canopy Cover
Easily Send Reports with FieldAgent

Go Beyond Visualization

Use our software platform to visualize agronomic data outputs, and drive efficiency with workflow management, collaboration tools, and detailed reporting.

The Problems We Solve

Research & Product Validation

Research & Product Validation

Gain confidence with accurate, timely, and reliable measurements and data while covering more trials with fewer resources.

Plant Breeding

Plant Breeding

Expedite the product development pipeline with high-throughput trial and performance characterization.

Annotated Male Female Tassel Count

Seed Production

Standardize data collection to accurately verify in-field data and digitally verify purity throughout the season.

Sales and Marketing Support

Sales and Marketing Support

Sell every acre and engage with every grower by becoming the partner of choice with validated outcomes and ROI.

Discover how Sentera can help you make critical decisions.