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High-Precision Single Sensor

Generate more accurate vegetation index measurements

DJI M300 Double 4K

Get more precise multispectral images


Characterize health, maturity, and vigor

Capture crop health measurements

Inform boots-on-the-ground scouting

Power critical agronomic decisions

Validate and understand outcomes

Compatible Drones

Connect our High-precision Single Sensor to a drone you already own. No drone? No problem – our team can help you build the right system for your needs.

Turn aerial imagery into detailed analytics for faster and more precise agronomic decisions.


Transform your imagery into analytics, which can be viewed in FieldAgent for deeper insight.

Our High-Precision Single Sensor captures NDVI or NDRE multispectral imagery, which results in detailed Crop Health Analytics for research plot trials, plant breeding, or seed production.

The output? A mosaic for detailed insight into crop health throughout the entire season.



Start Capturing Data

Choose the High-Precision Single Sensor if you’re just getting started in capturing aerial imagery, or if you want to test sharing data with other sources.

Get Key Measurements

Capture the measurements you need for crop health by turning imagery into a mosaic, resulting in clear insights for crop health, maturity, and vigor.

Crop Health
Sentera Partnership

Make Critical Decisions

Go beyond NDVI and NDRE imagery that you capture via satellite to get more precise data for analysis. The result? More confident and accurate decisions.

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