From Data Capture to Analysis:
Getting the Data That Matters for Ag Research  

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The right data at the right time can transform any development process; but unfortunately, this can be a challenge for those working in research in agriculture. Data can be hard to come by, and when it is uncovered, it may be even more difficult to know whether you can trust the accuracy of what you find.  

Using tools like ag drone systems can make the data capture piece easier, and with the right solutions, result in precise and accurate measurements that simplify analysis and help validate outcomes and performance.  

In this webinar with Sentera’s Brian Bohman, Ph.D., solutions engineer, learn about how these tools are revolutionizing ag research by giving researchers access to more data points, faster, without sacrificing accuracy in the process.  

Bohman will highlight:  

  • The benefit of using ag drone systems to capture data  
  • How to draw precise measurements from aerial imagery and detailed analytics 
  • Real-world insights and use cases on how to use this data to validate outcomes  


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Brian Bohman, Ph.D., Sentera

Brian Bohman, Ph.D.
Solutions Engineer