Sentera Drives Towards Commercial Launch of its New Aerial WeedScout Solution in 2025

MINNEAPOLIS (June 4, 2024) — Sentera, an innovative agriculture start-up specializing in  scalable precision ag solutions, announced today the launch of an Early Access Program this  summer. This initiative, in partnership with major agribusinesses and farmers, aims to preview  Aerial WeedScout, Sentera’s advanced precision weed management solution. The Early Access  Program is a strategic move to gather valuable feedback and build momentum for the 2025  commercial release of this breakthrough technology, in collaboration with key go-to-market  partners. 

The Aerial WeedScout platform redefines smart, sustainable farming and transforms precision  weed management by enabling farmers and their advisors to quickly detect weeds as small as  0.25 inches across their fields. Utilizing its “know before you go” approach, the platform  provides detailed, plant-level insights via precise weed maps prior to making weed management  decisions, allowing for optimized chemistries and volumes in spraying. This ensures more  effective and targeted herbicide use. 

Aerial WeedScout delivers precise, plant-level data and targeted herbicide prescriptions within  24 hours that can be executed through any precision sprayer, enabling farmers to optimize their  chemistry choice and volume for maximum savings—while maintaining broadcast-equivalent  weed control. Through this “sense then act” strategy, Sentera is delivering unprecedented value  to farmers by providing scalable, actionable insights across the crop season, quickly  empowering them with information that can help refine and elevate the effectiveness of their full season weed management program and ultimately enhance the overall efficiency and  profitability of their operations.  

“At Sentera, we’ve invested significantly in precision georeferencing technology, high-resolution  imagery, and deep learning algorithms to build and commercialize a remote-sensing platform  that will redefine weed management and achieve rapid ROI for farmers,” said Brian Wenngatz,  CEO of Sentera. “We want to empower farmers and their advisors to take action based on  timely, detailed field-level insights, not assumptions. With Aerial WeedScout, we’re able to cover  acres at a rate comparable to a full-speed sprayer while pinpointing weed size and locations  with incredible precision — quickly helping farmers with weed management decisions based on  field data, optimizing sprayer logistics and maximizing non-residual herbicide cost savings.”  

Designed to preview and show the scalability of Aerial WeedScout ahead of its planned  commercial launch in 2025, the Early Access Program has prioritized collaborations with a vast  and deep cross-section of the industry’s leading multinational inputs companies, equipment  providers, retailers, and select farmers. This group represents more than two-thirds of the U.S.  corn and soybean seed market and more than half of the U.S. agricultural equipment market. In  2024, the program will cover over 10,000 acres across IA, IL, MN, ND, and SD. 

“As we evaluate channel strategies for Aerial WeedScout, collaborations with experienced  industry leaders who already recognize the transformative impact of our technology on the  economics and sustainability of weed management are helping us better understand how to  deliver maximum grower benefit,” said Eric Taipale, CTO of Sentera. “The overwhelming  response from our partners demonstrates broad industry interest and demand for more  accessible precision solutions for farmers to help address challenges like herbicide resistance  and more stringent regulatory controls.” 

Through its continued commitment to innovation and development of breakthrough precision  agriculture technologies for the industry, along with strategic partnerships with key industry  partners, Sentera is leading a transformative shift by making precision agriculture tools more  accessible and profitable for farmers. For more information about Sentera and Aerial  WeedScout, visit 

About Sentera 

Sentera is at the forefront of the precision agriculture industry, pioneering innovative  technologies transforming farming. Our advanced platform leverages cutting-edge sensors,  aerial imagery, and AI to tackle the most challenging agronomic issues. With solutions like  Aerial WeedScout, we’re just beginning to unveil our vision for a comprehensive, remote-based  precision management platform delivering insights before taking action. Our platform will  provide scalable insights into critical agronomic decisions—such as weed detection, plant  emergence and uniformity —enabling timely and precise decision-making that boosts  operational efficiency and profitability. In partnership with key industry players, Sentera is  dedicated to equipping farmers and agribusinesses with data-driven solutions that enhance  sustainability and productivity. Learn more at 

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