Do More With Your Data

We believe that precise data holds the key to more profitable management decisions at every level of the agricultural supply chain. That’s why we’ve developed digital agronomic tools that provide unprecedented access to real-time, field-level information.


We observe and detect real-time field management opportunities.


Integrate with your digital tools to engage growers and partners on the platform they choose.


Fly your fields to map each row. Our data capture technology provides you with an acre-by-acre view of every field.


Detect issues early, in some instances before they’re visible in the plant to determine next steps.


Demonstrate the efficacy of inputs and management decisions.


Use the information to inform grain marketing and input purchases for the next year.

Detection For Action

There are many reasons crops don’t reach their full yield potential. Not knowing what’s truly happening in the field can cost you. Our tools can help you take the right action for a more productive season.

Satellite Imagery

Streamline scouting and pinpoint potential stress.

Stand Count

Track emergence and make better decisions.

Crop Health

Unprecedented insights into field vigor.

Tassel Count

Build better forecasts backed by real-time data.

How We Do It

At Sentera, we’re here to help you get the most out of every acre. Our software, drones and sensors enable timely data collection and accurate analysis of in-field conditions to help simplify your decisions.

FieldAgent® Software

FieldAgent by Sentera integrates weather data, satellite data, soil data, drone data and field operations data to enhance accuracy and efficiency for confident and informed management.

Data Capture

Access unprecedented insights from your fields with industry-leading sensors and drones that deliver precise information to support your operational goals.

“I’m engaging with my customers, speaking to the performance of the seed I sold them, all while Sentera’s products are capturing 100x the data points that I could collect manually. Sentera has elevated perception of my business and made me more valuable to my customers.”

Colby Woods, Channel Seed Dealer, Founder and Owner of Woods Ag Services

Discover how Sentera can help you simplify decisions.